Goodfiend is Audrey Z Smith and her creative partners.

Goodfiend is a web design, social media and creative consulting company.  Our media savvy team is equipped with skills in video, web design, graphic design, social media marketing, e-commerce, and creative consulting.    Audrey Z Smith, Head Creative of Goodfiend is an artist and creative professional who's worked in media and marketing for the past 10 years.   Her background in film and media arts started in Philadelphia where she created one of the first ever paid video blogs, which won an Bronze Anvil Award in Creative Marketing. From branding, developing and running her own successful e-commerce business to editing BBC newsreels for T3 Media, to selling and marketing fine art, to building websites for small business owners, her expansive background and advanced people skills are at the heart of Goodfiend.  Audrey loves working with her clients to show them how to make the most of their business, their creative vision and passion.  At Goodfiend we use our creative resources, skills, connections and unique brainwaves to help small businesses and individuals figure out what makes them special and indispensable to their community.  

We want to work with the good people in our community and we have great taste and sensitivity.  We work hard for our clients and care about making a difference. 


Portfolio images courtesy of Becca Peters,  Plotted Line, Brad Overton Fine Art, Tricia Snow, Renee Keith Photography, Kinabuti Fashion Initiative and my own photos. 


Mindfulness Utah, Kinabuti Fashion Initiative, Brad Overton: Fine Artist, Tricia Snow: Hairstylist & Makeup artist, Bauhaus Salon, Becca Peters: LCSW and Mindfulness Facilitator, Frank Buffalo Hyde: Fine Artist, Clearwater Homes, Downtown Real Estate Cafe, Plotted Line, Greater Philadelphia Tourism Bureau, Morning Star Window Cleaning, Dave Hooker Construction, Latitude 40 Properties, The Tankini Files, I Forgot My Mantra, CBDean_Art, We Call It Puppy Luv: Mobile Dog Grooming, Debbie Leaman: Writer, Dorothy Robinson: The Tankini Files