Kinabuti, Nigeria's Best Ethical Fashion Label

There is nothing I enjoy more than doing work that is in line with my beliefs! If I can't get behind the brand, I don't really want to put my energy into making it a better brand. I truly believe in the goodness of people and think that from the food we eat, to the clothing we wear, we can make responsible decisions, and in doing so we strengthen communities instead of damaging them. I do my best to buy goods that ensure fair wages and working conditions because I believe our individual choices can create global change. This is the reason I started working with Kinabuti Fashion Initiative. The brand is part ethical fashion label part non-profit. (Ethical fashion is an approach to design, resources and manufacturing of clothing which which maximizes benefits to people and communities while minimizing the negative impact on the environment). The people at Kinabuti are constantly creating educational and community improvement programs to improve local economies in Nigeria. From the conception of the designs to the dying of the fabrics to the sewing of every stitch, Kinabuti brings empowerment, income and education to Nigerian communities. Here is a video I edited for them recently for their entry in the annual Fashion Crowd Challenge. The video was projected on the runway in Lagos and Milan and at other Kinabuti events. Kinabuti's outstanding clothing will be available in Utah during the Sundance Film Festival and will soon be available online.